Travelling Allowance Rules- Submission of Boarding Pass alongwith TA Bill

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi,
Dated the 23rd June, 2020.


Subject: Travelling Allowance Rules- Submission of Boarding Pass alongwith TA Bill.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. No.19030/3/2014-E.IV dated
08.10.2014 regarding submission of Boarding Pass as a proof that the journey was actuallyperformed by the official.

2. Several references are being received in this Department to do away with the condition of
submission of Boarding Pass with the TA claims. The matter has been considered in this Department and it has been decided that in case, a Govemment servant is unable to submit the Boarding Pass alongwith TA Bill, he can submit a self-declaration certificate in lieu of Boarding Pass alongwith TA
Bill. The proforma for self certification is enclosed as Annexure.

The proforma needs to becountersigned by the Controlling Officer in case of officials below the Under Secretary level (i.e. from
Pay level 10 and below).

3.These instructions will be applicable in respect of journey on tour performed by employees of
Central Government. 

Ministries/Departments are advised that these instructions may be brought to the notice of all conçerned for compliance.

(Nirmala Dev)

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India
All Ministries / Departments of the Government of India as per standard distribution list.
Copy to: C&AG, UPSC etc as per standard endorsement list

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