Dear Comrades,
You know it well that different Central Trade Unions, independent federations (like Confederation
of Central Govt. Workers' and Employees') and associations of various sectors called for a
nationwide General Strike on 8 January 2020 against the anti-worker, anti-people and anti-national
policies of the Govt. of India.

Confederation already issued Strike Notice based on 10 points charter of demands, which
includes :-* Scrap NPS and restore OPS *
  Stop Corporatisation / Privatisation / shrinking of
different Central Govt.
  Department, Railways, Defence etc. Fill up nearly 8 lakhs vacant posts
in the Central Govt. 
Departments in a time bound manner Stop outsourcing / Contractarisation
in Central Govt.
 Departments. Regularisation of Gramin Dak Sevaks and grant of Civil servant status in Postal Dept. and also regularisation of all casual / contract workers already working in
different Central Govt. Departments *Honour assurances to increase minimum pay and fitment
formula, given by Group of Ministers to NJCA leaders on 30.6.2016. Grant HRA arrears from
1.1.2016. Withdraw "very good" bench mark for MACP. Grant option-1 parity recommended by 7th CPC to all Central Govt. Pensioners Remove 5% restriction imposed on compassionate
appointments Withdraw the anti-worker labour reforms 
* Withdraw the draconian FR56(J) and
Rule 48 of CCS (Pension Rules 1972)-etc. Unfortunately, year after year the present Govt. of
India has been denying these legitimate issues of Central Govt. employees and workers.
Apart from these, the Central Trade Unions have been demanding jointly since long a national
minimum wage of Rs. 21000/- pm, social security to all and scrapping NPS and restoration of
OPS, Control on price rise in essential commodities and for universal public distribution system,
generation of new jobs, ensuring equal work for equal work, strengthening of Welfare Boards for
unorganised sector workers, increased budgetary provision for MGNREGA and agriculture etc.
to which we also being citizen of this country are equally concerned. These are also being
constantly denied of.

 The national economy is slowing down. The adverse effects are already
being felt by the workers, employees in unorganised as well as organised sectors in the form of
large scale retrenhment and closures. If the Govt. considers the agenda of working class positively
that will put money in the hands of the toilers and give boost to the economy. But unfortunately
in the name of the recession, the Central Govt. is taking steps like reducing corporate taxes and
giving them big bonanza to the tune of huge crores from the national exchequer while not a single
penny is spent to ensure job security or employment allowance to the workers. Rather, the Central
Govt. is pushing condification of Labour Laws, allowing fixed term employment, privatisation of
Govt. Depts. / Public Sector undertakings, allowing 100 percent FDI in railways, defence, bank
merger and so on, which are leading to massive redundancies and extreme exploitation of workers.
In these scenario when people are very much disappointed and agitated, the Govt. persists by
using diversionary tactics of raising emotive non-issues to divide the people and haunt the
minorities. In the interests of struggle, we have to pledge to fight these communal and divisive forces.

Under these circumstances, incessant struggle, strikes etc. are inevitable for our existence.
We therefore Call upon entire Central Govt. employees and workers to take part in coming All
India General Strike on 8 January 2020

We are having a glorious history and legacy of heroic
struggles and scarifies.

 Once again we have to take role to make the Strike on 8 January 2020
a grand success and create further remarkable history.

With best wishes and Comradely greetings,
1.1.2020 The Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees'
& Workers' Unions & Associations, West Bengal
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