Implementation of recommendations of One-Man Committee onintroduction of Children Education Facilitation Allowance for GraminDak Sevaks (GDS)

Implementation of recommendations of One-Man Committee onintroduction of Children Education Facilitation Allowance for GraminDak Sevaks (GDS).


Government of IndiaMinistry of CommunicationsDepartment of Posts(Establishment Division)Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,New Delhi - 110001Dated: 18.09.2019


Subject: Implementation of recommendations of One-Man Committee onintroduction of Children Education Facilitation Allowance for GraminDak Sevaks (GDS).

The undersigned is directed to convey the approval of the CompetentAuthority on recommendations of One-Man Committee on introduction of ChildrenEducation Facilitation Allowance for Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS).2. Keeping in view the above, it has been decided to issue consolidatedinstructions on the subject of Children Education Facilitation Allowance as under :-(il The reimbursement of Children Education Faciiitation A]Iowancecan be claimed only for the two eldest surviving children with the exceptionthat, in case the second child birth results in twin/multiple birth. In case offailure of sterilization operation, the Children Education FacilitationAllowance would be admissible in respect of children born out of the firstinstance of such failure beyond the usual two children norm-(iil The amount of reimbursement of Children Education FacilitationAllowance will be Rs.6000/- per annum (fixed) per child. This amount ofRs.60001 is fixed irrespective of the actual expenses incurred by the GDS.In order to claim reimbursement of Children Education FacilitationA.llowance, the GDS should produce a certificate issued by the Head of theInstitution for the period,/year for which claim has been preferred. TheCertificate should confirm that the child studied in the school during theprevious academic year. In case such certificate can not be obtained, self-attested copy of the report card or self attested fee receipt(s) {including e-receipt(s)) confirming/indicating that the fee deposited for the entireacademic year can be produced as a supporting document to claim ChildrenEducation Facilitation Allowance. The period-/year means academic year i.etwelve months of complete academic session.(iii) children Education Facilitation Allowance can be claimed in a singleform only for the two t:ldest surviving children with the exception that, incase the second child birth results in twin/multiple birth (proforma enclosed).(i") In case both the spouses are GDS/Government servant, only one ofthem can avail reimbursement under children Education FaciiitationAllowance or CEA (in case of Government servant).(") The reimbursement of children Education Facilitation A,llowance willbe done just once in a financial year after compietion of the financial year.("i) The reimbursement of children Education Facilitation A-llowance shallhave no nexus with the performance of the child in hislher class. In otherwords, even if a child fails in a particular crass, the reimbursement ofchildren Education Facilitation Allowance shall not be stopped. However, ifthe child is admitted in the same class in another school, although the childhas passed out ofthe same class in previous school or mid- session, ch drenEducation Facilitation Allowance shall not be reimbursable.("ii) If a GDS dies while in service, the children Education FacilitationAllowance shall be admissibre in respect of his/her children subject toobservance of other conditions for its grant provided the wife/husband of thedeceased is not engaged as GDS or not employed in service of the centralGovt., State Government, Autonomous body, pSU, Semi Governmentorganization such as Municiparity, port Trust Authority or any otherorganization partly or fully funded by the central Go\,t./state Governments.In such cases the children Education Facilitation Allowance shall be payableto the children till such time the GDS would have actually received th" .amu,subject to the condition that other terms and conditions are fulfilled. Thepayment shail be made by the offrce in which the GDS was working prior tohis death and will be regulated by the other conditions, Iaid down in this oM.(viii) In case of discharge, dismissal or removal from engagement, OhildrenEducation Facilitation Allowance shall be admissible till the end of theacademic year in which the GDS ceases to be in engagement due to discharge,dismissal or removal from engagement in the course of an academic vear. Thepayment shall be made by the office in which the GDS worked prior to theseevents and will be regulated by the other conditions laid down in this OM.(i*) The upper age limit for Divyaang chiidren has been set at 22 years. Inthe case of other children the age limit will be 20 years or till the time ofpassing 12th class whichever is earlier. There shall be no minimum age.(*) Reimbursement of Children Education Facilitation A-llowance shall beapplicable for children from class nursery to twelfth, including classeseleventh and twelfth held by the junior Colleges or school affiliated toUniversities or Boards of Education.("i) Children Education Facilitation Allowance is allowed in case ofchildren studying through "Correspondence or Distance Learning" subject toother conditions laid down in this OM.(xii) The. Children Education lracilitation Allowance is admissible inrespect of children studying from two classes before class one to 12th standardand also for the initial two years of a diploma/certificate course fromPolytechnic/ITl/Engineering College, if the child pursues the course afterpassing 10th standard and the GDS has not been granted Children EducationFacilitation A.llowance in respect of the child for studies in 11th and 12thstandards.(xiii) In respect of schools/institutions at nursery, primary and middle levelnot affiliated to any Board of education, the reimbursement under theScheme may be allowed for the children studying in a recognizedschool/institution. Recognized school/institution in this regard means aGovernment school or any education institution whether in receipt of Govt.Aid or not, recognized by the Central or State Government or Union TerritoryAdministration or by University or a recognized educational authority havingjurisdiction over the area where the institution /school is situated.(xiv) In case of a Divyaang child studying in an institution i.e. aided orapproved by the CentraVstate Govt. or UT Administration or whose fees areapproved by any of these authorities, the Children Education FacilitationAllowance paid by the GDS shall be reimbursed irrespective of whether theinstitution is 'recognized' or not. In such cases the benefits wiII be admissibletill the child attains the age of 22 years. 
-(*") The children Education Facilitation Allowance shall be admissible toa GDS while he/she is on duty or is under put off duty or is on leave. providedthat during any period which is treated as'non counted for duty', the GDSshall not be eligible for the children Education Facilitation Allowance forthat period.3. These above instructions would come into effect from 1"t october, 2019. For thecurrent financial year, GDS shall be eligible for OEFA @ Rs.B000/- per child.4. This issues in consultation with Department of personnel and rraining videtheir ID No DoP&T I.D.No. A-27or2to2t2o18-Estt. (AL) dated 0b.09.2018& Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, ID Note No.z-s1l2016-E.IIIG)dated 06.09.2019/eFTS 777 OStZt2Otg.5. Hindi version will follow.

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